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Reverse geocoding
  1. Converting geographic coordinates into a human-readable address(REST API)[YOUR_KEY_API]" 
    * Note! Make sure to replace [YOUR_KEY_API] with your API key

    Below is a reverse geocoding response, in JSON:
        "geocode": "103101",
        "province": "Bangkok",
        "district": "Bang Kho Laem",
        "subdistrict": "Bang Kho Laem",
        "postcode": 10120,
        "road": "Charoenkrung Rd."
    • geocode: a digital code that matches geographical coordinates to the name of a location (Can be able to use with Showing region/location)
    • province: province
    • district: district
    • subdistrict: subdistrict
    • postcode: postcode is an official code used by the post office
    • elevation: height above mean sea level (AMSL)

    Pan the map to the desired coordinates


    More information: Reverse Geocoding - Rest API